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Eye Color: greenish emerald eyes
Hair Color: Flashing red hair.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 198
Age: 19
Place of Origin: Far Cridim (a small village on the borderline of Andor)


Rank: Trainee
Weaopon Score: 4
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:


I was born close to the village of Far Cridim. My father Jadrim Jarshak had gone to fight in service of Andor and had died a week before he was to return in a raid from some Brigands.After that my mother raised me alone, my father had been a merchant so we had plenty of wealth to live on. My mother had wanted me to become a merchant like my father before me had been, she made me learn how to read most languages, and parts of the Old Tongue. But I always seemed to attract some form of trouble with the other boys in the village, constantly being brought home by an angry parent whose son had broken a limb or other body part in a scuffle.

I was also gifted with a natural talent for swordsmanship. An old soldier that had survived the Aiel War taught me till I turned 18.When I turned 18, I was a tall strong man, Flashing red, greenish emerald eyes, 6 feet 2 inch's tall and 198 pounds of muscle made others who desired to fight or cause trouble steer clear, everything was well till one morning a band of robbers attempted to rob my house and I killed them all. The villagers knew that the thieves had got what they deserved but thought I was too dangerous to stay. After that, my mother permitted me to go to the White Tower to train to become a Warder. After three months of preparation I set out with a sword the old soldier had given me, and a supply of gold and a tearful goodbye from my mother to go to the White Tower and begin my training.