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Name: Adrai Tynin (NSW White Sitter)
Age: 268
Origin: Arad Doman
Physical Description: 5’2”, 100 lbs she has copper toned skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is kept shoulder length, it is black. She is a very conservative woman by nature (regardless of her origin).

Character History Edit

Adrai came to the Tower at 14 years old. She was a very respectful Novice and Accepted, never causing any trouble, nor doing any pranks. This caused her to be ostrisized by many of her peers. She never let this fact bother her however, she has always been very single minded in nature and does not let the world around her bother her much.

Because of this, it was an easy decision for her to choose the White Ajah. There was no doubt in her mind the day she took the three oaths that she would wear a white fringed shawl. Adrai has no friends to speak of, even within her own Ajah. Her focus is on truth more so than logic, but she cannot deny the logic of truth.

She has little interest in the affairs of the Tower, but understands her duty.

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