Battle Readiness training.

Battle Readiness Score Outline:
BRS 1-4: Accepted and Aes Sedai only. These can be done in any order you wish. Each completed RP will add +1 to your BRS.

Defensive Weaves- Students will learn weaves to defend themselves in public.
Defensive Tactics - Students will learn tactics that will help in defending themselves in public.
Battle Weaves (Intro level)- Students will learn some basic intro. level weaves that will aid them in battle.
Battle Tactics- Students will learn strategies and tactics that will aid them in battle.
Battle Field First Aid - Students will learn how to deal with injuries on the battle field, when you can't spare the resources of Healing.

BRS 5 - 7: For full AS only. These can be done in any order you wish. Each completed RP will add +1 to your BRS. Any interest in this level of BRS needs the approval of the White Tower RGL before beginning!

  • Advanced Battle Weaves (GREENS ONLY!)
    Newly raised Greens will be taught the oath-hedging weaves that are a Green’s toolbox during battle.
  • Basic Weapon Handling (the old WS 4 & 5)
    Basic Weapon Handling: an introduction to the basic forms of a single weapon, or max 2, choice of knives, staff or sword. A spar can be included in this lesson, main objective is to become acquainted with the forms as they can be found on the Gaidin website. Beginner forms. A spar with a trainee of WS 3-6, have the outcome be random and make sure to have a few rounds in the spar to cover all the basic forms and the things you have learned. PLEASE GET APPROVAL FROM THE WARDER’S RGL BEFORE BEGINNING THIS RP! Trainers will be assigned at the discretion of the Warders RGL.
  • The Open Road (the old WS 6) / puropose: Defensive Action
    An RP in a hostile (to AS) area. A conflict occurs to which the Aes Sedai must choose to battle either with OP (and reveal herself), with a weapon or try to find a more peaceful way out of the situation. How well does the Aes Sedai handle this situation? Must encounter 2 PCs from another RP Group. (Min 16 posts for the entire RP)
  • Quid Pro Quo (the old WS 7) / puropose: Battle Action
    An Aes Sedai and/or Tower Guard (Warder is okay) is sent on a mission. They are placed in a situation where they must rely solely on their WY training and the help of the other. (How well do they work together? If OP is used, what are the consequences? Do they still risk it?) Must include 3 other PCs. (Min 18 posts for entire RP)
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