Name: Aiden al'Ker
Born: Arad Doman
Raised: Cairhein

Mother – Matalina aka Cari Namere (Born: Cairhein, Raised: Tar Valon)
Father – Reikan Souvan aka Sam (Born & Raised: Tar Valon)

Sex: male
Age: 9 years old
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown


Aiden wears his hair closely cut to his scalp. He likes to feel the wind against his skin. There is almost always a jovial expression lining the boy's lips and a light in his eyes. He loves his family and is extremely loyal to them, he would do anything to protect his mother, sisters and brother, and even his father though is not of the Dark. Aiden doesn't have any typical clothing wear, but most of what he has is worn and patched because he ruins his clothes as fast as Mistress Aki can make them.

Character History Edit

Aiden and Kate were born to a Warder and Tower Guard. But the father didn't know until recently that he had two children running around. Their mother had left the tower and only found out after leaving that she was with child. She was in the middle of traveling and ended up in Arad Doman where she had the twins. When they were old enough and the weather was warm they set off to finish their quest.

They settled in Fairhaven Cairhein, on the Rashad Horse Ranch where the twins grew up.

They grew up a bit faster than most kids having to deal with their mother's mental health issues, having to several times in the course of their short lifes take care of her and help her relearn her life as her memory escaped her after tragedies or hardships. Both children were taught to use the Flame and Void at a very young age and were starting to learn the basics of using a Quarterstaff. Their mother and father who was now living on the ranch, but not together as a family, taught them the value of being able to defend yourself.

They had befriended by the Master of the Ranches Grandson, and when they were nine years old they both started noticing that their mother and her friends were different from others, they were always flashing hand signals and were friends with even complete strangers. They eventually confronted Taylor, who was raised as a darkfriend by his parents and grand parents (The Rashad's). He confirmed their suspicions and the twins swore the allegiances to the Great Lord. "Everyone we know and love are your servants and we wish to help you as well."

The twins were aware of the things that happened but they had yet to confront their mother about their decision. It wouldn't be until later that they would do this, the wanted some training first, so their mother couldn't talk them out of it.

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