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Physical Description: She is diminutive and petite. At 5\'0 and 100 lbs, she appears very fragile. She is considered handsome by most, pretty by others, but never beautiful. She has large gray eyes and long auburn hair.

Place of birth: Caemlyn

Age: 15

Character History: Aithne has led a cozy and uneventful life. Her parent\'s own a successful tailor shop in the New City district of Caemlyn. She is the youngest of six children, two boys and four girls. Because she has so many siblings, she is often overlooked or pushed aside. She has become very quiet and shy in nature and often disappered into a hiding spot to read.

As all her sisters reached the proper age, her mother would have them tested for the ability to channel by one of her regular Aes Sedai customers. To her mother\'s frustration, none of them passed. Aithne never understood her mother\'s obsession with having one of her daughters become an Aes Sedai. She did not think that her mother realized exactly how an Aes Sedai\'s life would isolate her from her family.

By the time Aithne came of age, it seemed as if her mother had given up on her whimsy. Or perhaps she figured her least favorite child would not have any sort of talent in the One Power. The Aes Sedai questioned her mother about Aithne, but her mother simply refused to have her tested.

Several weeks later the Sister stopped Aithne in the street as she was delivering clothing to a customer. \"You are different than your sisters. You are special,\" she told her. Aithne could only gape as the sister tested her and confirmed that she had the ability to channel.

Her mother was overjoyed at the news. For the first time in her life, Aithne felt loved by her mother. She said her farewells, knowing that she would never see these people again. She was ready to cut her ties and start a new life.

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