Name: Alexandra Virginia Tristar
Physical Description: Alex is 5'4" and has short, brown hair and brown eyes. She is slightly plump, with a friendly smile and a content look on life. Alexandra is always out to meet new people, and some of the Novice is still left in her.

Character History Edit

Alexandra Virginia Tristar was sixteen when she came to the White Tower. She grew up at a farm in Caemlyn, but was never your typical farm girl. Her older sister, Zerah was sent to the tower when Alex was five, and Alex was jealous of her all her life, because she, too, wanted action and excitement in an otherwise boring life.

Then at sixteen her excitement came in the form of an Aes Sedai visiting the village. Alex was brought along, and she pictured a glorious life fighting off Shadowspawn and other miscreants of the Dark. But novice life was nothing at all like she had pictured, and she quickly grew restless. Her older sister, Zerah, was now Aes Sedai and had gone off to Mayene to be the advisor to the First of Mayene, which gave Alexandra the last scrap of determination to go on. She wanted to travel, as well, but had never been able to because of money issues. Then after having stayed at the Tower for a while she became more and more acquainted of the life there, and eventually she actually started liking it and wanted to become Aes Sedai not just for the opportunities to travel, but because it was something she knew she wanted to.

Just after Alex had been raised to Accepted, Zerah died, leaving Alex a small fortune that her sister had earned during her years as Aes Sedai and advisor to the First. Alex was on her own now, but as Tower life engulfed her even more she stopped thinking too much about it, seeing as Zerah had moved when Alex was five years old, and then moved to Mayene only a few years after Alex came to the Tower.

At 34 Alexandra was raised to the Yellow Ajah, ten years after coming to the Tower. She was now very different from the girl she had been when she started her training, but there was still some of the little girl left in her, something her closest friends knew better than anyone. On the outside though she was every bit the Aes Sedai, and now her dream of traveling the world and seeing what was to be seen could finally come through.

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