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Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Snow White
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 240
Age: 0
Place of Origin: Tar Valon


Rank: Warder
Weaopon Score: 14
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:


Notice : For the parent thing, he was born from the unofficial union of Tavern maiden and a Warder and since they didn't want this to be known, they sent Alrok with somebody they trusted (an old warder without a Sedai) so he could live without shame like a normal kid. Technicly, Alrok doesn't know who his real parents are and I'm not sure he ever will. It's like a life-long quest he would never complete.

Born on a raining day, in a the most beautiful city in the mainland, by a couple that shouldn't be...Alrok was forced to live hidden from the eyes of his true self. He grew thinking that Berul was his real father. Berul was a true master of arms, he instructed the ways of the sword brilliantly and made Alrok's hidden potential come about. But it wasn't the only weapon he was knowledgeable in. Since they lived in the middle of nowhere, he was forced to handle bigger weapons...such as the axe. Even though he wasn't as skilled as the sword with it, it felt right in his hand.

The day came that Berul grew old and on his deathbed, revealed Alrok's true name....one he could not reveal...even to his shadow. Keeping Berul's gaidin cloak and his sword, he left in the night. As he stepped outside, a drop of water touched his forehead, on a raining day...he was reborn.

"The brightest sky may yet give birth to Viloent thunder" Alrok ?

DM 5.0 breaking

When he arrived at the tower, he was lost, but he knew that he had done the right choice. He would find his father and one day, if the creator's luck could shine on him, he could hug the mother he never had. A few people he met over there affected him. First there was Tria, a good friend he wished he could see more often, Tareen, his bond-brother who grew to be one of the person he cared most for, Drako, who he refered as Eldest (much to his disliking) and whom he could always trust for a good advice....and then, the reason he lived everyday (or the reason he would die for everyday would be more appropriate) Mandi, Aes Sedai of the green ajah, they had met on the day he was raised to warder and since then followed her like a little puppy.

 He is bound to her by friendship, duty and honor.  Some ties are just not

meant to be broken...