Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Name: Alyria Al’Vire
Age: 18
Place of Birth/Raising: Mayene

Physical Description: Alyria is a tall woman, about 5’ 10”, weighing about 170 pounds with any extra weight added into her bosom. She has large, brown eyes, with a pale, clear complexion. She has a heart shaped face with high cheek bones, full, pouty lips, framed in auburn hair, which hangs in soft waves, to her waist. Her hair is very rarely pulled up.

Character History

Alyria was born to Roel and Aniko Al’Vire on the eve of Bel Tine. Her father Roel, was a soldier in Mayene’s Winged Guards. Aniko, her mother, was the daughter of a wealthy oilfish merchant. When Alyria was 7, her father was stricken with a sickness that included fever, chills, headaches, numbness, giddiness, which lasted a few days. Soon after, he started channeling. Scared of being gentled by the tower, he packed up and left, leaving behind his wife and daughter. Aniko, not being able to live without her husbands loving support, slowly wasted away. She died when Alyria was 10. The First of Mayene, felt sorry for the events that had come to pass over Alyria’s short life. She took Alyria into her home and over the next 7 year, educated her, and treated her as her own daughter.

On the day on Bel Tine, Alyria’s 18th birthday, the First of Mayene was honored by the presence of an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. It was said, the Aes Sedai had followed reports of a man who could channel, originating from Mayene. The Aes Sedai held an audience with the first of Mayene and her “daughter” Alyria. The Red sister told The First that Alyria was to be tested at the White Tower immediately. Alyria was provided with a small purse, a few letters of rights to give to the banker in Tar Valon and sent on the first ship. She arrives at the Tower waiting to be tested and entered into the novice book, if the Light finds it so.