Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

For Use In: None, this character was killed the Shadow's Eye RP prior to Dumai's Wells.

Name: Anita Briar (NSW)
Place of Birth/Raising: Andor
Age: 120
Physical Description: Andoran high-class looks, her nobility shows with how she holds herself. Rich brown hair and brown eyes with fair skin. She is about medium hieght and soft features but high cheek bones that give her a slightly intimidating aura when she dons the red shawl.

Character History

She grew up as a minor noble in Andor. She had want for nothing, but was always challenged by her parents to think for herself, and to be thankful for this. Of course, being rather headstrong, she saw the world differently then the way that she was brought up. Because of this, her parents took away her position to teach her a sense or humanity, and set her as kitchen staff. Although she slept in her own bed and had the studies required of a noble, she was still taught how to cook for more then one, learn to talk with the staff in their household, shop, and clean. These were lessons she would never forget, and only too late forgive her parents for. She ran away after only 2 months of this at the age of 14. Caught only a week later, starved, by an Aes Sedai who had sense the presence of Saidar within the girl. They brought her to the tower and placed her in the very same situation as she had been in her parents house hold. She hated the tower, and although she did well by her chores, her words and her mind spoke millions about her situation and how she hated it. Walking through her arches, on the other hand, taught her differently. Coming out and mailing her parents she received news that they not only passed away years ago, but also from heartbreak of their only daughter's disappearance. Nothing left, she worked hard towards the shawl. Believing in the mandate of the Tower, she chose the Red Ajah, believing they could best teach her strength, but also show her Sistership. She did not believe in love, or family any more then what the tower showed her. Her reliance on her Ajah is her strength.

She was chosen to be part of this because she showed the strength and had proven to do as ordered regardless of her own thoughts. She wasn't blind enough to obey without thought, but because she still voices her desire to do otherwise, she still did what was agreed upon regardless. And in this case, this was what was needed by this RP.