Description Edit

Age: 30
Place of Origin: Mayene
Physical description: Five feet ten inches, serene calm blue eyes, short cropped sandy brown hair. Medium athletic build, And a caring face.
Rank: Doctor
Weapon of choice: None
Secondary weapon: None

History Edit

Artur had started his medical profession early in his life. His mother had been a wise woman and as she had no daughters to pass her knowledge onto she passed it onto Artur teaching him everything she knew about herbs and humanity and the causes of illness and the cures for them. Arthur was fascinated by theses teachings and spent years himself studying under ever healer he could find and learning what they could teach him.

He had been eighteen and working under a friend of the family who had been instructing him in surgery and what exactly goes into the human body, when he got a call from home that his mother had been taken sick. Artur had returned home as quickly as he could, and cared for his mother through her sickness until she had died Artur had even asked for Aes Seadi help but none had come. And his efforts while helping to relieve her pain Had done little. She died and Artur fulled by his mothers loss and the grief he felt endeavoured to learn more of healing.

He turned to surgery and used recently buried corpses to study. He spent hours dissecting these bodies trying to work out what was what and what function they performed. It was in these years he learned the most about healing. And what caused people who sometimes appeared healthy to die. However his grave digging had not gone unnoticed and he was caught and banished from Mayene for ever. It was only the good that he had done in the community that had saved him from spending possibly the rest of his years in the cells of the guards dungeons.

Artur traveled in this time offering help to people who needed it never accepting pay only a place to sleep and a hot meal. His reputation as an astounding healer and surgeon grew as he traveled and he spent a few years traveling with mercenary groups who treated him well and insisted he took some pay while with them.

It was through one of the mercenary groups that Artur heard of the Band of the red hand and their exploits. He liked the idea of the band and left to find them. The mercenaries were loath to let him go, A good healer of his quality was hard to come by. Artur was a healer though and knew an army that size would always have work for him.

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