Character Name: Ashley Turner
Place of Birth/Raising: Murandy
Age: 18
Description: 5'6". Weighs 125 lbs. He's scrawny looking with short straight black hair, pale skin and brown eyes.

Character History Edit

He grew up the runt of the boys in town. That, combined with the name Ashley, never meant good things for him. No matter how his parents explained to him that they always wanted a girl, it couldn't make up for the pain and humiliation he had to suffer through. But that was all going to change soon when he turned 18.

It was night as he waited in a dark alley. He had watched the group of five all night and was just waiting for his chance to get at them. Soon he heard the footsteps and talking moving his way. He held the dagger, almost too tightly, just waiting for his chance to step out. Finally they passed him and he knew it was time.

Stepping from the shadows he took the back one first. The dagger plunged into the small of his back. He quickly pulled it out and slashed the boys throat. The other four weren't sure what had just happened. Before they had a chance he was on them, cutting, driving the dagger deep, and maiming as he could. Soon, it was over with all five of the boys lying on the ground in their own blood.

He returned home, covered in blood, and his parents freaked out. But that was nothing compared to how they reacted when they found out what he truly did the next morning. Hoping to keep their baby safe they sent him off the children. This was both protection and punishment.

But his parents knew nothing of his life growing up. He secretly relished the chance at joining the children. Soon the world would feel the wrath of Ashley making them walk in the light. He would have his revenge.

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