Description Edit

Age: 18
Place of Origin: Cairhien
Physical: Avin is a slightly tall and thinly built man. He has straight blond hair that is slighlty longer then usual and reaches about the bottam of his ears. He has blue eyes with green specks in them.
Rank: (A Private that will be promoted after they graduate from the program)
Primary Weapon: Two handed broad sword
Secondary Weapon: short sword
Division: Infantry

History Edit

Avin Mkenna was the son of a sergent in Cairhien's army while his mother worked in his uncles inn. He was only eight when his family received news of his father's death, and the people who told them brought his sword, which had had the family name etched in it, so they figured that it should be returned instead of used for another soldier. This didn't discourage him at all from wanting to join the army. His uncle told him that he should just focus on helping him with the inn, something that wouldn't get himself killed. But, Avin was too much like his father to be denied the life of a soldier.

On his 17th birthday, a gleeman came into the inn and said he would entertain for a room. Avin's uncle agreed to the deal as long as he was truely a good entertainer. On of his stories was about the Band of the Red Hand, who were said to have never lost a battle. Being very mystified by the idea of being an army that would be remembered in history astounded Avin. He asked his mother if he could go, and even though she didn't want to loose her son like she lost her husband, she knew he had to do this for himself and she let him go, but asked he would use the family sword to remember his father and he told her he had never intended different.

He set out from town to town, hearing rumors of the Band of the Red Hand all over and followed where the trail seemed to go. After traveling a very long way from home, he finally made it to the Citadel, he asked to join the Band, and they said if he survived the first week of training, he could join the ranks.

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