Short Battle Axe

The short battle axe was created to hack through plate armor because the sword was not the best weapon for beating through the heavy steel. This shorter axe is quite easily used on horseback, though it can be used on foot effectively. This axe has a simple wooden shaft with a head that has a crescent blade on one side and a spike opposite that, so both sides can be utilized.

Many styles of short axes were created, ranging from the crescent blade to the bearded axe's much straighter edge. These single-handed axes are the only ones that can be used two at a time.

Length: Roughly 25 inchesp>

Double-headed Axe

<p>The double-headed axe is an axe with a blade on either side. Its construction is the same as the shorter axes, but it generally has a longer shaft to provide leverage for it’s larger size and weight.

Length: Roughly 35inches Head size: Roughly 16inches by 13inches Weight: 4 lbs.

Two-handed Axe

The two-handed axe is much larger than other axes, and is best used by footmen.

Overall Length: 45 inches p>

Throwing Axe

<p>The throwing axe is much like a single-handed axe but it is balanced and weighted for throwing, and is slightly smaller. The axe pictured here is a Norse style, though there were many styles used.

Length: 19inches Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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