Description Edit

Height: 5'9"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Change colors, usually blue with spots of grey and green, but change based on mood
Weight: 170lbs
Build: athletic
Place of Origin: Whitebridge/Andor
Age: 26
Primary Weapon: shortbow
Secondary Weapon: shortsword
Division: scouts

History Edit

I was born in Whitebridge, my father was a well respected merchant. Being the youngest of three sons I was not expected to take up the family buisness. I always wanted to be a woods guide. My father was always supportive of me. Four times a year we would make the trek to Baerlon to get supplies and trade stories with my uncle. I would shadow the caravan staying in the woods on my own... but always close enough to get to the group if I had to. Thusly I grew up at home in t! he wild. I learned how to track game to get my own food. I learned how to clean wounds, and how to survive on my own.

One day when I was sixteen our trip to Baerlon was interrupted by bandits. I was in the woods hunting when I heard my father scream for me to run and hide... and like a fool i ran toward the sound instead of away. i got to the edge of the woods just in time to see a sword go through my fathers back. I screamed, drawing the attention of the bandits. I turned to run when i felt a burning sensation. I ran and ran for what seemed like days. I finally dropped to the ground from exhaustion. I woke up hours later and looked down to find an arrow sticking out of my shoulder, close to my chest. I removed it and cauterized the wound. It was the most painful thing I had ever done in my life. I made my way to Baerlon to my uncles shop. The bandits were never caught.

My oldest brother Gideon kept the shop running and I left home. Ive spent the last ten years taking people where they want to go. I've traveled from altara to the borderlands, never staying in one place too long. Ive ran into trouble with the law a few times...seeing as how some of the people ive taken from one place to another have been in the possession of things which didn't neccessarily belong to them.

I ran into the Band on one of these trips... and rather than keep risking jail I decided to sign up.

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