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Age: 17
Physical Description: 5'7", 62kg, scrawny and undernourished, brown hair and eyes, including the right one that twitches constantly. Always ill-shaven and looks as if he's seen better days. Missing his right front tooth and a couple on the left of his lower jaw.


Born in a town along Garen's Wall, Balin Evett was born, then abandoned shortly after. Taken in by the streets, Balin grew up amongst thieves, whores and murderers yet found that none of those trades particularly appealed to him. Taking to begging instead, Balin made his way as best he could off the grace and generosity of others, which is to say he made his way poorly.

It wasn't until Balin was thirteen that he turned to crime, and while he discovered he was a useless pickpocket, he did discover that it was possible to break into people's homes while they were gone and it was easier to make money that way. Because of his age, he managed to evade suspicion for sometime but eventually the suspicion did land on him, leading him to travel to Jehannah.

Begging in Jehannah was not only a source of scraps and coins, but also a way to look out for potential places to break into. It was only a few months before he was paid a visit by the local protection gang, and they weren't looking for him to join either. Leaving him broken for his trouble, Balin's response was to: Well, it was to find some help and heal up first. Finding himself in a brothel of all places, he came to know people here and there, and soon found himself becoming a guide to visiting mercaneries that passed through.

In addition to bringing their coin, the mercaneries brought news, and one such piece of news was the formation of the Band of the Red Hand. Hearing that they were being a fortress nearby, Balin paid it little thought until he sold out a pair of mercaneries to some thieves, and the thieves died leaving the mercaneries somewhat upset with Balin. It was at this point that Balin decided to flee, and having been sent fleeing to the Mountains of Mist with little to no provisions, and none of the skills necessary to survive beyond the gutter and not knowing where he was headed, he was left with only one option.

He had to find the Band.