For Use In: None, this character was killed during the "Clash of Interests RP" between the WT and Children of the Light.

Name: Brianna Pryan (NSW)
Age: 16
Nationality: Amadician; though her height (or rather, lack of it) suggest her father may have been Cairhienin
Height/Weight: 5'2", 89lbs

Appearance: Having lived her life on the streets, her green eyes hold a perpetual haunted look which has only increased (and perhaps to a state of near-madness) with the her accidental murder of a Child of the Light, Roman Fliance. Living off the meager coins she can earn whoring, she is badly malnourished and underweight. Gaunt cheeks are accentuated by long, greasy, semi-kempt dark hair that could be any shade between light brown and black.

Character History Edit

About two months before she is arrested in Cairhien, 16 year-old Brianna Pryan flees Amador, closely pursued by the Children. She is charged with blasphemeing by touching the One Power and the murder of Roman Fliance, an officer in the Children of the Light.

Brianna, a street urchin forced into prostitution by her poverty flees from one of the city’s inns. The innkeeper, the next morning, finds Roman’s body. The officer is dead, apparently without wound. Other prostitutes later confirmed that there had been several odd occurrences around Brianna, linked together with the murder the Children deduce that she is a Wilder.

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