Description Edit

Division: Scouts
Physical description: 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighs about 75 kilos. He's got dark green eyes, and brown messy hair. He has got tattoos all over his chest and arms, but his clothes usually cover them. Looks rather usual, hasn't got any beard or moustache. He's slim, but you can see he's got some muscle. Normal brown clothes when fighting or scouting, otherwise quite ordinary nobles clothes.
Primary weapon: Glaive
Secondary weapon: Throwing knives
Place of birth: Close to Whitebridge, Andor

History Edit

The first and only son of Anril Jelaarin, the head of the rather poor Jelaarin house. Grew up a normal nobles life until the age of seven, when his old personal servant retired and a former scout in the Andorian army, Jol, replaced him. Caeran immediately started to like the scarred battle veteran and it wasn't long before they started going out in the woods together. Jol teached Caeran the art of a scout, as well as how to fight with staff and throw knives, the two weapons Jol had used when in the army. When Caeran was seventeen, however, Jol was, as discovered later, falsely accused of high treason. He was hanged in front of the whole city, and his relatives were no longer allowed to stay in the castle. Caeran mourned for a long time before finally accepting that Jol was dead. But the old merry Caeran had disappeared. He was not cold, but silent. He could still laugh, but did so rarely and barely spoke unless spoken to. He was sure that Jol was innocent, but that was something he could not prove.

Despite his father's attempts to stop him, Caeran sneaked down to the city as often as he could, in search of any proof that Jol was innocent. Of course he knew that Jol wasn't going to resurrect if he was proven innocent, but it was a matter of honor. He didn't want people to have the memory of Jol as a traitor. When he had searched for a year, and almost had given up, started to believe that Jol was guilty after all, one of his friends came to him with news that could be something. Both of them “visited� the person the news pointed out as the guilty of Jol's death, and after some playing with the knife and knuckle-beating, the man confessed. He confessed the conspiracy; he even told them all the others involved. He tried to tell his father, but he didn't believe him. All the respect Caeran once had for his father was gone. Caeran began to search for all the ones he now knew to be involved, and killed them, one after another. His father eventually found out, and thus resented Caeran. Caeran left as soon as possible, to search for the Band of the Red Hand, so that he could use his skills.

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