For Use In: None, this character was killed during the Black Ajah Hunt RP.

Name: Carena Bermin (NSW)
Age: 103
Place of Birth: Shol Arbela, Arafel

Physical Description: Willowy, slender and tall. She has long brown hair cascading over her shoulders, hazel eyes and a delicate face. Because of lots of training she is in top condition. Her physique is wiry and she looks generally very healthy and fit.

She wears little bells in her hair, in the typical Arafellian fashion. They tinkle softly when she moves. Her eyes are large and almond-shaped, her expression is rather open for an Aes Sedai. She always seems to be bubbling with energy.

Character History Edit

Carena was born in Shol Arbela to a nobleman and his wife. During her youth she was restless and hated to be tied down studying, but mostly hung around with the kids on the streets to run, climb, jump, and other things that would exhaust anyone with less energy.

She is impatient, but good natured and wants to rush things forward - always the first to take action, she is full of impulsiveness and initiative.

She was found by a Green Aes Sedai named Daeralle when she was visiting the Borderlands for a mission to speak with the King. Daeralle found Carena on the streets and told her that she could probably learn how to channel. Carena, fifteen years old and with the knowledge that her parents were trying to arrange a marriage for her to someone, jumped at the opportunity and told her parents that she’d be leaving soon. She’s been a novice for fifteen years - always pranking and inattentive during lessons because she’d rather be outside, and an Accepted for twelve years.

Carena loves horses and riding. She loves her stallion, which she has called Amar and is usually too busy training with her horse to pay much attention to the outside world. She’s seen often in the stables, working with the horses. She does not have many friends due to this, although she and Mierin Sedai have been friends before the other Green left. Mierin was a horse lover as she was, and that created a bond between the two. Speaking of which, Carena is unbonded. Her other good friend is Vira Demarcias, who is of the same age, Ajah, and Arafellian as well.

She knows how to wield the typical Arafellian knifes although she likes to use the Power more. Where it comes to the One Power, she is of average strength and skill, her strongest element being Water. She chose the Green Ajah because she is a Borderlander - knowing about the threat of the Shadow and the Blight. She grow up with the notion that the Shadow has to be battled, and she feels that as a Green Sister, she’s best suited to do so.

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