Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220
Age: 19
Place of Origin: Shienar


Rank: Warder
Weaopon Score: 8
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon: Heavy Scimitars
Secondary Weapon: Hand to Hand
Tertiary Weapon:


Physical description: Standing at just over 6 feet tall, already has a shaved head with a top knot of raven black hair, bold nose (bent slightly to the left on his face but not broken), striking blue eyes and an almost permanent scowl or furrow on his forehead, a faded scar under his right eye from a skirmish with a knife when he was a young boy. Strong and well muscled with wide shoulders, a deep chest and toned arms but thinks that he should lose some size as his waist is thick as well. Ambidextrous. Most people think he is angry all the time and take pains to avoid him, but all that take the time and get to know him realise that he has a lightning sense of humour and loves to banter jokes with friends. A fast smile and is slow to anger, but once angered very unpredictable. Never bears a grudge and always believes in seeing the good in others.

History: Comes from a poor house in Sheinar, his father was a farmer, he was always being attacked by raiders from the blight and died defending his family. His mother was too weak to work the farm so the responsibility fell to Carrog, he has a sister who married and decided to let their mother live with them only 2 years after their father died leaving Carrog free to follow his heart and train to become a warder to an Aes Sedai. Staying in the household of his sister and her husband (a respected scribe) for a shorrt time he came across an old bannerman who introduced Carrog to weaponry, as his size and strength for his age was better than most he naturally felt an affinity to the heavier weapons, such as the 2 handed sword which he favours, or being ambidextrous likes 2 scimitars crisscrossed on his back (made him feel like Gaidal Cain when practicing with them). Desperately tries to make people proud of him, especially his mother, sister and the memory of his father. Treats the old bannerman Colwyn like a father figure.

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