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Character Name: Covina (Head Wise One)
Handle: Eqwina
Division: Freelanders
Guild: Aiel
Society: Head Wise One
Weapons of Choice: Spear
Clan: Dragonmount
Place of Birth/Raising: Three Fold Land
Physical Description: Covina had dark gray eyes,with a hint of blue. At times her eyes seemed almost black. She wore the curly white blonde hair short, it hung just above her ears. Except for the rat tail that hung down her back. She is 5’7 and her skin is a dark tan.Except for her scars which seemed almost white by comparison. Her face is hard and worn, in her short 25 years she had seen many battles. She has a half-healed scar that runs down the side of her face, to her chin and half way down her neck. That is by far the worst she had received..
Personality: A typical Maiden, her humour is often founded at a man's expense. She is also always serious in the pressence of the Clan. They have come to see her as a their rock and she wouldn't want to discourage them.

Character History

Covina was a Maiden of the Spear.Covina had been a Maiden for almost two years, and she was one of the best. Awoman named Avenda raised her, but she had known a young age that Avenda wasnot her true mother. Butshe had been kind.

At the age of Three Covina began practicing how tostalk. There was morethan one occasion that she caused her mother to take a spill, by jumping out to scare her. She used to run around caring kitchenknives pretending to be a Maiden. By the time she was nine, she had startedrunning everyday, tryingto get herself into shape. Her mother was proud thather daughter had so much drive and determination, but cautioned her not to grow up to fast.

Because of her attention only on becoming a MaidenCovina never made many friends, and all of her free time that was not spenttraining she spent reading. She was an intelligent and witty girl but had a lack of social skills, which caused her to have no friends. Overthe years she became bitter and angry. By the age of 15 she had a temper that everyone was afraid of.

At 15 Covina went through the trials to become a Maiden, and since she hadbeen dedicated. Many of the others thought that she was too serious, and because of that she did not have many friends. Infact she Never spoke unless it was necessary. Maiden hand talk was all she used to communicate with the other girls. She did not seem to mind that she was alone. At the age of 19 she had been hurt badly and was being tended by a Wise One. The woman explained to her that she was able to channeland that she was to become a wise one. Covina wanted nothing more than to cry, but no maiden would waste a tear.

The day she stood facing Ruieden was perhaps the worst day of her life. The one thing she had always known, counted on and loved was gone. She feltutterly and completely alone. Becoming a Wise Onewas the last thing she wanted.

UPDATE. Many things had changed since that fated day on the sloaps of Rhuieden. She had rised to great heights in the Aiel, she is the Head Wise One with the Aiel and married to the Clan Chief. For Ghaul she uses a firm hand in public, but always has sweet words for him when they are alone. Her temper has slacked some, though she is no less hard than before. She is also expecting her first child to arrive soon.

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