Note: This discipline is DEAD but is here for reference as WHAT NOT TO DO. You may NOT USE THIS!

This discipline is a remarkable mix of many techniques and disciplines in one. Like a Chameleon who changes his colour to suit his environment, Chameleon’s Shadow requires a swordsman to master the skills of combat of many regions. He combines these disciplines and techniques into one discipline in order to confuse his opponents. A master swordsman is required to even attempt this discipline, because of the high need for skill and experience. Swordsmen must be able to switch constantly from technique-to-technique to defend against every kind of discipline in combat, even if that discipline changes in mid-combat due to a different opponent, without impaling themselves. The preferred weapon for this discipline is the short sword for its agility, weight and length. Not a popular discipline for the amount of training needed to become a master. It’s rare to find anyone who has the patience to learn a technique, and it’s not uncommon for a master to train only one pupil at a time, due to the fact that it requires three times the commitment to normal blade training.


1. An excellent for almost any form of combat because of its continuously changing style. 2. The knowledge of other Disciplines allows the blades man to guide the combat and his opponent(s) into costly mistakes. Weaknesses:

1. Due the vast amounts of knowledge needed to learn, only a swordsman with years of commitment and patience has any hope of learning this discipline. 2. Due to the increased amounts of disciplines, philosophies and styles, a student in this discipline must learn, the degree of skill in each discipline they learn is inferior to those who are masters of only one discipline. 3. Due to the knowledge needed to perform the movements. A person cannot loose themselves in the forms, if they do, they’ll be lucky if they only lose a hand. Therefore, a person must constantly try to out think opponents while not killing themselves in the process.

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