RP Guidelines Edit

Credit for the completion of the Character Development RPs:
--Story must be completed
--Minimum of 4 posts
--A Post must be at least three good paragraphs long

Credit for the completion of Classes RPs:
--Class must be complete
--Number of posts as the number of posts the teacher did.
--A Post must be at least three good paragraph long.

All RPs must be approved by me. A detailed outline is not necessary, but a simple PM or IM telling me what your idea is and who is involved will be much appreciated. If you fail to give me a heads up and it is later deemed that your RP does not fit the prescribed criteria to fill a requirement, it will not count. Best to be safe.

Important clarifications: Edit

1. Whenever you see a requirement that says to choose a class or a character development RP you may choose from the ones listed above. Order makes no difference. Just feel free to choose them according to your character’s situation and state of mind. With every fulfillment of a requirement PM me with the link so I can know when it’s time for your character to be raised. Also, if you role played a character development RP that is NOT on the list above and you wish it to count as fulfilling one of the character development requirements, contact me and give me the link and together we’ll decide if the RP qualifies.

2. Only CotL of the Officer ranks can give classes to other CoL. If you do not wish to write your own classes, you may use the ones I post, making some minor changes in them.

3. Exceptions can be made about pretty much anything. Nothing is written in stone so if you feel something should be different or that your character deserves special consideration contact me. Also, if you have any ideas to contribute to improve the ranking system let me know.

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