Name: Christine Segreto
Place of Birth/Raising: Bandar Eban, Arad Doman
Age: 16

Physical Appearance: Christine is 5'6" and 120 lbs, with long, dark hair, tan skin, and large, dark brown eyes with long lashes. She has a cute smile that is always there and a perfect figure. While she is gorgeous, she doesn’t believe it.

Character History Edit

Christine Segreto was born in Bandar Eban to a wealthy noble family. Being the only child, it would be expected that she was spoiled rotten, but instead, her mother ignored her and her father hated her, because they wanted a son. She began wandering the streets of the capitol when she was 10, liking the bars and taverns. By the age of 12, looking like a young woman, she spent most of her time there, singing and dancing. When she was on top of tables, she felt like everyone’s attention was on her, even though it came from sailors and drunks. The money she was paid, she gave back to the poor children that were her friends and helped her get away from her house. She hated to see those children running around barefooted and dirty; she really did have a heart.

But when she was singing on the bar, even though she had everyone attention, she felt ugly and dirty, not at all like she was beautiful. Men would do anything, pay anything to be near her, let alone actually talk to her. She thought they were only mocking her, teasing her, when really they all loved her.

One day, when Christine was 16, she heard of Tar Valon, where girls could channel, and start a new life. Christine wanted to start new more than anything else. She could finally escape her parents and be someone else. She went home to tell her parents that she was leaving. But when she arrived, her world fell apart. They had found out about her bar dancing. Why now? How had they found out? After they banned her to her room, Christine snuck out and qspied on them before she left. Then she heard the worst thing possible. They were dark friends. Why hadn’t she seen it. But she felt no loss for them. They had never loved her, so she didn’t care. She left their house, ready to start off new. As she was sneaking out, she saw people gathering in front of her house, and they all hid in the shadows. Christine escaped, forgetting about her parents and her family’s secret.

Christine reached Tar Valon, and was tested by the MoN, and passed. And so her new life began.

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