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Name: Ciprian Isandes Neramovni

Age: 28

Nationality: Arafellian

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Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Very dark brown

Skin: Pale, but not porcelain

Height: 6'2

Voice: Deep baritone

Other: Ciprian is a striking and imposing man with high cheekbones and a sharp jaw line accented by his sideburns and muscled jowls. He shaves every five days or so, giving him a scruffy looking appearance. Large-nosed with deep-set eyes and full lips make attractive, but his “bugger-off” look usually deters people. He’s built like a Warder, broad-shouldered and imposing, well-muscled and a bit thick-necked.

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971 NE-Maighdal- Ciprian Isandes Neramovni is born to parents Leonin and Beldemaine Neramovni in Shol Arbela as the sixth and last child. Leonin is a butcher and Beldemaine is a seamstress. He grows up relatively normally, with a healthy family life and friends.

984 NE-Choren- Ciprian is apprenticed to a blacksmith and moves in with him and his family. He and the blacksmith’s son both discover their unusual interest in other men. He grows strong working at the forge, and is pushed by his master, perhaps a bit too harshly.

990 NE- Tammaz- Ciprian discovers that he has unusual abilities. He accidentally Heals his sick sister when he returns home for a visit. He swears her to secrecy and she agrees at first, frightened. Neither of them really have any idea of what Ciprian can do. But it is unusual.

Nesan- Late one night, when the blacksmith is asleep, the blacksmith’s son notices Ciprian making the metal hot without the forge. He panics and runs to his father. The blacksmith grows frightened and demands Ciprian leave his house at once. Ciprian begs the blacksmith’s son to plead with his father. His father grows even more furious that his son is sleeping with his apprentice and in anger tries to kill him. Ciprian defends his lover and unleashes the One Power on the blacksmith, killing him. The son runs into the street screaming about what happened. Ciprian knocks him out to quiet him, then steals a horse and rides south.

991 NE- Taisham-Ciprian flees as far south as he can, to Tear, where he imagines no one will look for him. He joins a Ghealdanian merchant as a strongarm and grows a beard, hoping no one will notice him. This works for a while, until the merchant makes for Arafel. Ciprian leaves and heads south to Far Madding.

992 NE- Jumara- After traveling from city to city, Ciprian arrives in Far Madding, where he cannot feel the One Power. In Far Madding, he believes he will not have another outbreak like his first in Shol Arbela. He finds himself work as a blacksmith for the minor Lord Aedmun of House Matherin. Lord Aedmun find’s Ciprian particularly attractive and makes him his male-mistress. Though he is flattered, Ciprian does not enjoy the somewhat older man but stays in Far Madding where he feels safe from saidin.

998 NE-Saven- Lord Aedmun makes a diplomatic trip to Caemlyn and takes Ciprian with him. Ciprian, fed up with Lord Aedmun’s constant requests accidentally kills him while trying to resist. Ciprian flees and follows rumors of men who can channel gathering. After weeks of going farm to farm, town to town, he finds the Black Tower and begins his formal training.

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