Note: This discipline was combined with Cuen’deren but is open for reference and use again as a branch.

A discipline based primarily on speed and the ability to perceive an opponent’s next move, this Discipline utilizes parries and counterattacks to wear down an opponent until an opening may be found. By and large, this is a difficult discipline, to say the least. It requires an immense and complete knowledge of the forms to be able to recognize which one their opponent is moving to. Without fast recognition, the parries will come to slow and the attacker will best you. The tip of the blade is used in slashing attacks to wear down the opponent until a decisive blow may be struck. The wind keening off the blade from the rapid attacks of this discipline give it it’s name, Cold Death Sings.


1. Highly defensive form, not likely to take a serious wound while using due to the parries used in it’s practice. 2. The high speed of attacks used, ensures hits against opponents using larger, more cumbersome weapons, thereby wearing them down.


1. Huge stamina drain on user of Cold Death Sings, will result in defeat against more stolid opponents. 2. Huge stamina drain on the user to employ this discipline, long protracted fights will often result in defeat.

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