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Congress of the Shadow

Hello, We in the CotS Group want to welcome you to Congress of the Shadow Group. CotS is a badass Group where we have loads of fun, it is consisted by nifty humorous peoples who will stab you in the back the minute you turn your back (joke, or is it? ). We know it might seem difficult to move in the dark with Trollocs biting after you, fireballs coming flying out of no where, poisons snicky traps laid out here and there, but that’s what we are here to learn you to do so you can inflict your evilness upon the lightfools together with the rest of us in the end.


The Congress of the Shadow Group (OOC) pledges its commitment in becoming the central Group, the biggest and the most active Group in Dragonmount, with strategic presence all over the community and other related websites by offering a convivial and engaging camaraderie to all customers promoting the exchange of interesting Role Playing ideas and conversations while setting a benchmark that influences Dragonmount’s methods both in in-character and out-of-character through empowered, highly motivated, and loyal members equipped with an advanced website and adhering to a high class social and writing standards of excellence. The Congress of the Shadow Group (IC) aims to promote and execute plans to reshape the world in the image of the Great Lord of the dark through dexterous and secretive measures enacted by highly trained and extremely influential minions of the shadow progressing to more open warfare on the servants of the Light.


CotS Group is a collection of free spirits possessing dark streaks and believes in preserving a dominant image through a balanced combination of humour, fun, virtue, and malevolence. Congress of the Shadow Group is a team of unique personalities. Congress of the Shadow Groups management strongly encourages empowerment and the development of the full potential, authoritative flair and writing aptitudes of its members. Congress of the Shadow Group will exist in harmony with the entire Dragonmount community and will be at the center of personal and character development. We do not worry; we only have fun.