This discipline was originally designed by an ambidextrous blade master to take advantage of his ambidexterity. Cuen’d'eren requires balance, speed, and PRECISION. When using Cuen’d'eren the student can switch hands according to their opponent’s dominant hand and fighting style. Cuen’d'eren students strive to maintain perfect balance in their fighting, never being overly defensive or offensive, and simultaneously maintain perfect physical balance.

Most people have difficulty achieving this balance, and therefore find it easier to follow other Disciplines. The difficulty in learning Cuen’d'eren means that there are only a few swordspeople who know of it, let alone use it.


  1. In achieving near-perfect balance of offence and defence, the Cuen’d'eren student can hold out longer against multiple opponents. This is in part because Cuen’d'eren prevents opponents from remaining either entirely defensive or entirely offensive.
  2. Because Cuen’d'eren Masters are extremely well balanced, they seem like immovable objects to most opponents of equal or lesser skill. The wide range of abilities possessed by a Cuen’d'eren user allows them to put their opponents on edge and keep them guessing


  1. Because it is difficult to overcome the lack of balance that characterises most people, and to achieve near perfection in mind and movement, Cuen’d'eren takes much longer to learn than simpler Disciplines.
  2. Any injury taken that impairs the user’s balance will dramatically reduce their skill if they have not attained a higher weapons skill level. Injuries to limbs are especially detrimental, particularly to a less experienced swordsperson.