Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Character Name: Cuortam Auster
Occupation: Quartermaster
Place of Birth/Raising: Unknown
Age: 40
Description: 175cm tall. Weighs not a whole lot. He wears glasses so his eyes are an elusive color that changes depending on how the light hits the spectacles. He has sun bleached here, not totally like a bloody surfer but light that it obscures whatever shade of blonde or brown it is normally. His skin is tanned because get stuffed and he is wirey but nimble as an apposable thumb.

Character History

Cuortam Auster was not born as other children, well, I mean he was born like other children because there aren’t too many ways that can happen. What I mean is that Cuortam was not like other children. While babies teethed on ruskets, Cuortam teethed on an abacus. Where toddlers played with dolls he was playing How-much-interest-makes-the-common-man-squeal. Where other children needed lanterns for fear of the dark, he insisted on no light so that he could calculate the density of night time. When other children numerated sheep until they fell asleep he counted the sheep until they fell asleep.

All of this taken into account he was a perfect candidate for the Children of the Light. His parents could not get rid of him soon enough and ‘encouraged’-which is my handy euphemism for ‘forced’-him into enlisting. As it turns out he was a natural for the aptitude tests and his fitness was ne plus ultra. The draw back was that he spent more time in the morning criticizing the makers of his uniform for their lopsided work than he did anything more constructive.

He spent a lot of time with the Quartermaster, a territory in which he was most familiar and where his proclivity for order and efficiency was appreciated and cultivated. One thing led to another-no this isn’t going where you think it is-and he eventually succeeded the previous Quartermaster and fulfilled pretty much the highest goal he had ever given himself. The end. So maybe it did go where you thought it would.