Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

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Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 6'4
Weight: 160
Age: 28
Place of Origin: Falme


Rank: Warder
Weapon Score: 15
Philosophy: Not Chosen Yet
Primary Weapon: Katana
Secondary Weapon: Battle Axe
Tertiary Weapon: Hand to Hand


Born 27 years ago, in Falme, together with his twin brother Cabroci. He is decisive, and intelligent. He has always protected his brother, and does not shirk away from his duties. When he was 18, his father and mother were killed in a brigand attack. He and his brother left home, or at least what was left of it. Each owned a sword, for their father had been a bladesman who used 2 identical Katana's. They together hunted down the murderers. After some traveling, Cyriel decided to join the warders, and to be taught the full extent of swordsmanship. His brother traveled on to join a mercenary band. He still prays everyday that his brother be safe.

He's very cheery and happy and all that. He's smart, and in his years in the tower he has become one of the best tactician's in the Warders (necessary for my disc). He's 27 years old, and bonded to Shannadin Sedai. He's a tall, blond guy, with a tattoo on his face, a remnant of a passing Sea Folk ship. He is lithe, and athletic. He's a known addict to women.