Name: Daenara Siltha
Place of Birth: Cairhien slums

Physical Description: Daenara is short and pale, a tribute to her Cairhien heritage. Her dark hair falls in a matted clump to her waist, and her light hazel eyes are almost hidden behind a long fringe. She often hides her mouth behind her hand, a small yet dirty thing.

Character History Edit

The youngest daughter of a family of six, Daenara has lived a life of poverty. Her parents were killed in the Aiel war, forcing her Aunt and Uncle to take her brothers and sisters in. Since she was 7 years old, she has dreamed of becoming Aes Sedai. She got a job at the Busty Wench, a rowdy inn known for its rough clientèle, as a waitress and a dish-hand. Saving the occasional copper from a kind or drunk patron, she dreamed of the day she could leave her life. Never did it enter her mind that she could not channel; in her dreams, she was always Aes Sedai.

Because of her hard life, Daenara has spent most of it stuck in the clouds. She spends most her time imagining her life as Aes Sedai, as that is her only goal. Daenara has a naughty sense of humour, a result of being brought up in a tavern. When her attention is on the present, she has a boyish earthiness to her. Having no time for sewing, or other feminine things, she has spent most her free time climbing trees and studying insects, something she finds fascinating.

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