Strength and skill are the two primary traits needed for this Discipline. Strength, especially, is essential to the effective wielding of the two swords needed for this Discipline. This Discipline is unique in the fact that it is created primarily for use with two swords, and therefore is not practical for use with a single blade. This Discipline is rare in the fact that few people wish to attain the high levels of strength and skill needed to Master this Discipline, but those who do are a force to be reckoned with. The primary weaponry required for this skill is two swords of the same type. They do not have to be twins, but they do have to be the same type, preferably long sword or katana. This Discipline is most popular amongst specialist groups of fighters, such as Warders and Highly skilled mercenaries. Despite common misconception, Masters in this Discipline do not become tired or drained faster because of the two swords. It has no real home, but it would be more popular in areas that boast two-sword use, such as Ghealdan.


1. Due to the intense levels of strength and skill required for this Discipline, and the sheer amount of training that has to be done, fighters of a high skill can work both blades independently of the other, thusly making the fighter more effective, as one sword can block and the other can attack, and vice versa. This also gives the added bonus of being able to fight with either hand if reduced to a single blade. 2. Very useful against multiple opponents and single opponents, as the blade forms can be adapted to almost any situation. 3. The levels of strength and endurance needed for this Discipline demand that they be able to last for a sustained period of time.


1. Due to the nature of this Discipline, if a fighter finds himself being disarmed of one of his blades, his skill level will drop substantially 2. Incredible levels of physical strength and endurance are required to use this skill effectively for a sustained period of time, and training is thus incredibly taxing, and if these levels lag, so to does the ability of the user.

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