Description Followers of Daisho al’Dracon believe that with two hands you can wield two weapons.

Battle Tactic: Daisho al'Dracon focuses on taking advantage of any opportunity that you can. Based on this belief, practitioners of this path adopted the use of dual weapons, learning to attack and defend simultaneously. Because of the rarity of warriors wielding dual weapons, followers of Daisho al’Dracon take advantage of their opponents’ lack of familiarity with the style. While their opponents are taken off guard, warriors of Daisho al’Dracon battle unhindered. Practitioners of Daisho al’Dracon attempt to balance themselves between offense and defense to constantly keep their opponents on edge.

Life Style: Complete control of Self and Body is required for Daisho al’Dracon, both in and out of battle. On both fronts practitioners see themselves as upholders of justice. It is their belief that justice is best enforced through example; however, force may be applied when necessary. Daisho al’Dracon mandates that balance is important not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well; therefore, practitioners strive for balance in their daily lives.


  • Dual weapons grants edge against opponents
  • Very high endurance and strength levels
  • Does not lack in either offense or defense


  • Skill level drops sharply when using only one weapon
  • Complexity of wielding dual weapons leaves greater room for error in battle
  • Required to be ambidextrous

Skillset In Combat:

  • Patient
  • High physical strength
  • High skill
  • May be utilized against multiple opponents
  • High endurance

In Life:

  • Patient
  • Strong sense of justice
  • High morals
  • Balanced mentally and emotionally


  • Base- Strength-2 Skill- 4 Speed-2
  • V1- Strength- 3 Skill- 3 Speed- 2
  • V2- Strength- 2 Skill- 3 Speed- 3
  • V3- Strength- 3 Skill- 4 Speed- 1
  • V4- Strength- 1 Skill- 4 Speed- 3
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