DM Handle Eternal Phoenix


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175 lbs
Age: 18
Place of Origin: Illian


Rank: Trainee
Warder Weapon Score: 5
Paths and Disciplines: Not Chosen Yet
Primary Weapon: Not Chosen Yet
Secondary Weapon: Not Chosen Yet
Tertiary Weapon: Not Chosen Yet


It was his 18th birthday, Damon looked around at all the people he had known growing up. Something within him rebelled against everything that should feel normal. “This do be wrong. I should no be here,” he had told himself that on several occasions. It had started 2 summers earlier when he had met an Aes Sedai and her warder They never gave him their names but ever since then he had felt a pull telling him he was destined for greater things than to just be the pompous brat of some noble family. This, his 18th birthday, was the day where his life would change.

“I do be leaving Illian today,” He told the people gathered to celebrate. “There do be things I wish to be doing with my life, I wish to see the world and become a Warder.” Damon stepped away from the group gathered his things he had set aside prior to going to his party, and grabbed the bladed quarter staff that was hung on the wall near the door. He knew not the name of this weapon but he figured if he could master it he would have the upper hand against any sword wielders out there. With all his bags packed and all his affairs set in order Damon left the house and all the people he knew behind.

Damon’s journey consisted of all manner of experiences. He traveled with merchants he met up with going in the same direction as he was. At times Damon would travel alone if there were no merchant trains going towards Tar Valon. He made camp at night wherever he could find a clear spot to sleep. “I do be grateful that I listened to me instructors when they taught me about travel life,” he thought at times when it got tough on the road. Weeks went by on his journey across the land to Tar Valon. As time passed he started to toughen up and feel more like a man than he ever had living a comfortable life as a noble’s son. At last he reached Tar Valon, White Tower looming over head. “Well, it do be time I made a man out of myself,” he said as he headed towards the tower.

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