Handle: Kedomat

Description Edit

Appearance: Danus is 5'9" with shoulder length black hair and emerald green eyes. Danus is lithe as opposed to being stocky like most soldiers. His arms are covered in scars from sword-play and he carries himself in utter confidence.
Origin: Mayene
Age: 25
Primary Weapon: Short Sword
Secondary Weapon: Dagger
Division: Scouts

History Edit

Danus grew up in Mayene under the thumb of Tear. His father was a distant relative of the First. This coupled with a charismatic smile and a good head for business landed his father in good graces with a wealthy merchant. This merchant had an attractive daughter who had a thing for nice smiles. They soon married.

The couple had one child. Danus grew up very comfortable and received a good education. The boy also had a natural aptitude for the sword. He excelled, discarding the hack and slash methods used by his peers, prefering to dance around his opponents waiting for a gap in their defence and dealing a powerful blow. This tactic didn't always work, in fact it once landed him in bed with a concussion.

When Danus came of age, he joined the Winged Guards. Not long in, during a skirmish with Tairen soldiers, Danus was captured. His treatment during his stay in Tear was not gentle. The resentment he had for Tear festered into a full blown hatred.

When the Stone fell Danus was able to escape amid the confusion. After returning to Mayene, Danus found out that the Dragon Reborn had claimed the Stone. The world was changing and he knew that his place in it had changed as well. He left Mayene and set out to make a new future for himself.

With conflict looming on all sides, Danus knew that soldiers would be needed. This role he could play until something else came along. Word spread of the Band of the Red Hand and their battles. Danus made it known, in the right ears, that he had intentions of joining the Band.

After what amounted to an informal interview, Danus joined the Band as a scout. His speed made him a natural. Growing up in the city, however, his woodsman skills were next to nothing. The scouts have had to take a little extra time teaching him the basics of wilderness lore. His fighting abilities have made up for what he lacks in tracking.

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