Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki


The Dragon Reborn (DR) WoT RP Club at Dragonmount.com is very similar to the world encountered in the Wheel of Time series of books written by Robert Jordan and later, Brandon Sanderson. The Club allows role playing in a time where the Dragon Reborn is discovering himself and preparing the world for the Last Battle. Naturally, as with the Portal Stone Worlds (PSW) encountered in the books, there are some unique variations within the DR PSW timeline and events. You will be offered the opportunity to Role Play (RP) as a member of the following RP Groups; Band of the Red HandBlack Tower, Children of the Light, Congress of the Shadow, Freelanders, Warders, White Tower, and Wolfkin.

Getting Started

In order to get started in the DR PSW you should register at Dragonmount

Once you have registered, it's advisable to begin your journey on the Role Play In The WoT RP: A Step By Step Guide thread. The thread takes you by the hand and explains the basics step by step. You should seriously consider reading it through even if you have RP'd before on another site as the thread includes invaluable links to further help and information.

At this stage you are free to post on the Out of Character (OOC) boards. The main OOC board is The The Welcome Inn where we recommend introducing yourself and checking out the various stickied (pinned) threads which are jam packed with useful tips and information.

To begin Role Playing you will first need to create a biography (bio). Once it has been approved by your chosen RP Group's Bio Checker, they will post it on the Biographies board to be cross checked (CC'd) by a Bio Checker from a different RP Group. As soon as the CC is completed, you may begin Role Playing your character.

You are allowed up to 24 characters across the RP, this can be made up however you wish across the Groups and Guilds. If you're really determined to have 24 Aiel, that's entirely your choice. You must get all biographies approved and cross-checked before you can play them. You will not be permitted to RP on the in character (IC) boards until that process is complete.

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ first. Some of the most common queries have been answered there. All important information should be listed somewhere on this site, but if you cannot find the information you require, do feel free to ask on the Dragon Reborn OOC board or any individual RP Group OOC board for assistance.