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Name: Eiren Saga

Age: 17

Nationality: Andoran descent from the town Maerone, across the river from Aringill

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Appearance Edit

Hair: Light brown, almost blonde in the sunlight

Eyes: Deep Blue

Skin: Light

Height: About 5'4"

Voice: Eiren is fairly shy, so she tends to speak at a whisper. However, when she does speak aloud her voice wavers as if she is terrified of the very words she speaks.

Other: Eiren is very petite. Not only is she a bit on the short side, but she is quite skinny as well. Almost gaunt to a degree.

Optional Edit

Special Skills: Before she left home, Eiren loved to sing, and her voice was praised by friend and stranger alike. In recent months, however, she has lost the desire to sing. She loves to draw as well, and while she has rarely had the opportunity to hold a pen or brush, she traces outlines of whatever comes to mind in the dust, or whatever is at hand.

Knowledge Weakness: Eiren has had no formal schooling. She can read and write (with difficulty), but not much more. Other than knowledge of working a farm and cooking, women's chores, etc., she knows nothing else. She is oblivious to the cultures of the rest of the world, and everything new to her frightens her.

Physical Weakness: While wiry and small, Eiren is stronger and tougher than she looks. However, she does have a mangled right foot (from birth) and walks with a distinct limp. This slows her down quite a bit while walking. She is used to it, but is ashamed of it, and tries to hide this weakness however possible. She did have a walking stick, but lost it in her travels to Tar Valon

Personality weakness: Eiren is incredibly shy. She will not meet someone's eyes when she talks to them, preferring to look away or, more often, just at the ground. She speaks at a whisper, or with a wavering, soft voice. If in a crowded room, she stands in the back, behind taller people so as not to be noticed. If put in a classroom, she would sit in the back in an attempt to stay out of sight.

Personality Edit

There isn't much I have not already mentioned. Eiren is the timid in every sense of the word. She does her best not to be noticed.

History Edit

Eiren Saga was born, and lived, on a small farm near the outskirts of Maerone to Laeran and Shellise Saga of Andor. There is little significance to note in her upbringing, or her childhood, aside that she was not always meek. She always lohved to sing. She would sing while doing chores, while running errands, or just whenever she felt the mood. Her voice always brought a smile to those who listened. Her brothers would also attest to her fiery temper, and even her elder brother Althon learned to avoid her wrath.

Everything changed when Eiren turned 17. While on an errand to the market square in Maerone, she met a young man travelling through the town as a caravan guard. He was not handsome, but she immediately melted at his smile. That night she snuck out of her house to meet the young travelling guard. Kain was his first name, she never learned his last. Before leaving Kain made many promises to come back for Eiren to marry her. Several weeks later, Eiren found out she was pregnant. Her parents were furious, and disgraced. Eiren tired of the fights with her parents and the stares from people as they passed, so she packed her meager belongings, stole a few coppers from her mother and father, and left.

Eiren knew she had an aunt who lived in Tar Valon as a seamstress, so she began travelling north. The trip was long and grueling. Eiren got rides from merchants and other travellers whenever she could, but she spent many hours limping on alone. About halfway to Tar Valon Eiren was caught in a rainstorm without shelter. She got sick, and lost the child. Scared, hurt, sick, and devastated, Eiren stumbled into Tar Valon, only to discover her aunt had passed away not too long ago. Her aunt's apprentice had taken over the business, and while Eiren was given leave to stay with her, she did not feel wanted.

Eiren began to look for work, to make an attempt to make a life for herself away from the accusing eyes back home. She found herself at the White Tower, hoping to find work in the kitchens or as a maid. She got lost on her way to speak with the woman in charge of the kitchens, and quite accidentally she found herself face to face with a Sister, and was tested. Perhaps, she was told, she could learn to channel.

Eiren Saga is a woman who had nothing. She is ashamed and disgraced. This is her chance to make a new life for herself. A chance to become something quite different than the broken woman everyone expected her to be.

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