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Name: Elody Yates

Age: 19

Nationality: Mayener

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Appearance Edit

Hair: Waist length dark brown hair, worn in a variety of styles depending on her activity

Eyes: Light brown

Skin: tanned

Height: 5”6

Voice: She has a quiet speaking voice and a well developed soprano singing voice


Optional Edit

Special Skills: Swimming and Boating

Knowledge Weakness: Reading has become her passion since the water and being out of doors was taken away from her. Her Aunt has severely limited her access to what she deems unladylike, so Elody has a somewhat romanticized view of the world.

Physical Weakness: As a child she was allowed to run free and play where she felt like and developed a natural athleticism, however since moving in with her Aunt, she has largely been confined to the house to pursue more ‘ladylike’ activities.

Personality weakness: Disliking confrontation, she will most likely agree with the person she is talking to, unless what they are saying really challenges her own sense of right and wrong. This has led to many discussions with her Aunt over proper behavior of a lady.

Personality Edit

Elody has an easygoing nature, and dislikes arguing. If someone does not agree with her, she would prefer to let the matter drop. The one exception is if she is being told she is wrong – then she will stand firm in her beliefs.

History Edit

Up until her 13th birthday, Elody led a very simple life. She played and swam in the mornings, and then in the afternoons helped her mother or father with whatever they were doing. She learned the basics of her father’s trade, plus how to garden and take care of a household. The first change came at her 13th birthday. Her father deemed her old enough to have a small skiff of her own, and allowed her to go out in it alone.

That summer, when she and her father were both out on the water, her mother fell in the house and hit her head. She was not found until they returned to the house that evening. Unfortunately, it was too late to save her mother. The small community gathered together and buried her mother under her favorite tree, each person saying a few words. Elody was sad and missed her mother terribly, but took comfort in her father’s presence. After a few weeks, the women came to her father, and pressured him to find a woman to help with the raising of Elody. Not having any female relatives of his own, her father contacted her Aunt Juliana. A few more weeks passed before her aunt arrived in Mayene. Elody had never met her aunt, but could not believe she was her mother’s sister. Where her mother had been light hearted and easy going, her Aunt Juliana was proper and restrained. She was long widowed, and had no children of her own, but had strong ideas of how children should behave. Her father, wanting what was best for Elody, persuaded her to give Juliana a chance, and promised that he would come and see her as often as she could.

Leaving her father in their small home, Juliana moved Elody into a house inside the city. There she instructed Elody on the proprieties as she saw them. Her days were now filled with lesson on etiquette and other feminine pursuits. The first few years were the hardest, with Elody sneaking back to her father whenever she got a chance. Her life eventually settled into a new pattern. She grew to enjoy some of the things her aunt was exposed her to such as singing, dancing and reading. Little did she know what her aunt had planned for her future. She saw Elody as her way into a more genteel life. If Elody made a proper marriage, she would certainly take her Aunt with her.

The second major change came when Elody turned 19. She was informed she would travel to Tear with her aunt to find a husband. Her father and aunt had made all the arrangements, and they left within the week. Juliana outlined their schedule, leaving no room for comments or arguments. They would be in Tear for a month, and in that time, Elody had promised her father to obey her aunts’ wishes and be on her best behavior. She managed to get through the fittings at the seamstress, and the first few rounds of meeting the various relatives of her prospective suitors before rebelling.

Desperately wanting some time to herself, Elody pressed her Aunt about the size and location of the docks but, she was brushed off, being told that she had better things to fill her mind with than matters of docks and fishing. As the days of their stay in Tear dragged on, Elody became more withdrawn almost to the point of sulking. One morning Elody claimed to have a headache to avoid going out. As she laid in bed, waiting for her Aunt to leave, her thoughts wandered to what she would do with her freedom, as long as itt lasted. Once her Aunt had left, Elody got up and dressed quickly in one of her dresses from home, something she hoped would let her blend into the crowds of Tear. The serving girl in the common room helpfully gave directions to the docks, and Elody was soon on her way. Such a weight was lifted from her shoulders at being able to just go and do as she pleased. The noises of the city had started to fade into the background after being there for awhile, so she was not near as jumpy as when they had first arrived.

Once at the docks the morning passed quickly as ships were loaded and unloaded of their cargo and passengers. Several hours passed before she turned away from the docks back towards the inn. The trip back though was not quite as easy as the midday streets had become more congested with people. Before she made her way out of the throng, Elody found herself in a completely unfamiliar section of Tear. Of course she had never been out in the city alone, so much was unknown to her. As she was trying to retrace her steps to get back to the inn, she bumped into a passerby. Fortunately the woman she bumped into was not quick to anger, especially since her parcels were all over the ground as a result of Elody’s distractedness.

Elody stammered an apology and picked up the packages. She handed them back to the woman, getting a better look at her. She could tell by the woman’s dress and demeanor that she was obviously a woman of some importance. This Elody knew from the countless hours her Aunt had drilled her in etiquette while still in Mayene. The woman introduced herself as Adina Norian, and her companion simply as Olin. Gently but thoroughly she questioned Elody, finding out the name of the inn she was staying at with her Aunt. In a remarkably short time, the trio had not only reached the inn, but also met up with a very worried Juliana. Upon seeing Elody, Juliana demanded to know where she had gotten off to. Adina interrupted, explaining the events from when Elody had bumped into her. Juliana then demanded to know what else Elody had been doing. Elody came clean, admitting that she had not been honest with her aunt that morning about having a headache, that she was fed up with meeting the aunts and sisters of all the best young men Tear had to offer her. She tried explaining that all she had wanted was a bit of time to be by herself, to go explore the docks. At the end of her explanation, Adina was quietly amused; a twinkle in her eye, and Juliana was obviously exasperated by her niece.

The afternoon came to a pleasant end, with Adina and Olin inviting Elody and her aunt to a dinner party at the house they were being hosted at in Tear the next evening. When her aunt heard the name of the family hosting Adina, her heart leapt with joy. In a matter of an instant Juliana had Elody wed to the son of this family, and herself launched into Society at the same time. With the arrangements for dinner the next evening settled, the party went their separate ways.

The next day flew by in preparations for the evening meal. Before long, a carriage had come to the inn, arranged by Adina to collect Elody and Juliana. The coach was finer than anything both had ridden in and made for a smooth trip to the inner city. Once they arrived, they were ushered into the residence. A servant led both women to a drawing room where Adina and Olin waited. Neither of the two had ever had direct dealings with an Aes Sedai and her Warder, but that was about to change.

Adina stood and greeted Juliana, explaining that it would just be the four of them for dinner. Briefly she explained that she was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, and she was in Tear for just a short time. She also informed Juliana that she would be taking Elody with her when she returned to Tar Valon, because she sensed in her the ability to learn to channel. For once in her life Juliana had no response to what she heard. Luckily there was a chair behind her, for she collapsed into it, much as she saw her grand plans collapsing. Elody on the other hand was not quite sure of what had just happened, and her head was buzzing with questions. She too was mute though, for she could not think straight enough to start asking the questions.

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