Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Character Name: Emanuella Dellaen
Place of Birth/Raising: Saldaean
Age: 38
Subdivision: Army of the Light
Description: 5’7" tall. Black long hair that is usually braided. Emerald eyes. She is rather handsome. She has a hard face, but usually with a motherly nature to it. She's also rather slim and graceful.

Character History

Emanuela was a daughter of a maid in a noble house. She was brought up by her mother and was treated kindly by the mistress of the house. One day when she was 16 she took one of her regular strolls through the mansion’s grounds. She came across the master of the house who then proceeded to grabbing her by force and having his way with her.

Emanuela never told a soul. But the life that was growing inside of her gave away her secret. She was thrown out by her mother who thought her a prostitute. She didn't seem to be able to find a place to stay at. No one wanted to give work to a pregnant woman. The lack of food and shelter made her eventually have a miscarriage and she lost her baby.

The wisdom that took care of her after Emanuela lost her baby took her in. Emanuela was never able to forget her baby but she felt that she needed a new purpose in her life. She needed a cause. Something to live for. The creator. That was the only belief that remained in her. She was going to dedicate herself to him, by joining the Children and so she did. She climbed the ranks slowly but surely and eventually ended up becoming the Quartersmaster.