Name: Emily Damodred
Origins: Cairhien

Height: 4'11
Weight: 95 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Outstanding Features: Has a birthmark approx. the shape of a mouse on her lower back.

Character History Edit

Emily is Jared Damodred's younger sister. When she was 9 years old Jared ran away from home. When that happened she vowed that she would find out where he went and she would follow. Without her parents knowing Emily kept tabs on her brothers whereabouts and was very frightened when she got word that he was living on the street.

Secretly, Emily sent Jared money every chance she got so that he wouldn't have to live on the street any longer. But she stopped when she realized that he wasn't using it for housing and that no one knew what he was doing with it. After that Emily couldn't find out exactly where he was until a couple of years later when she heard that he was in Tar Valon and was in the Tower Guard. By this time Emily had just turned 15. When she found out where he was she notions of becoming an Aes Sedai danced through her head.

Sneaking out late one night Emily bought passage to Tar Valon with two things going through her mind. One:She was going to become Aes Sedai and, Two: she was going to bond her brother and keep him safe, forever!

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