Name: Eniara Kiserai Kisharad
Hair: Shoulder length and light brown in color
Skin: white
Eyes: blue
Age: Early 40s
Height: 5'10"
Build: slim, but quite athletic
Birthplace: Kandor

History Edit

Born in Kandor, Eniara Kiserai Kisharad was the granddaughter of Lord Miltan and Lady Lilean Kisharad. Though a noble, and a cousin (once removed) of Kandor's Queen Ethenielle, she doesn't flaunt it and likes being seen on a par with others. Orphaned at a young age, Eni was raised by her grandparents and had to learn to fend for herself. She developed a close bond with her younger brother, Thim...a bond that has remained strong.

When Eniara learned, at age 17, that she had the inborn ability to channel, she fled to the White Tower to save her life. Her grandparents had forbidden her to go, so she left in secret. Her first sight of Tar Valon had been filled with wonder and she still loves the beauty of the Shining Walls. It was Sabine Sedai who wrote Eniara's name down in the Novice Book and the young girl began her journey to becoming an Aes Sedai. It took Eni ten years to reach the shawl and from nearly the time it was placed on her shoulders for the last time, she threw herself into Tower affairs as unnoticeably as she could. Though she loved being in the spotlight as a high figure, Eni knew that to reach her potential she would have to work through the undercurrents first.

The Brown kept up on the Tower's going ons and drew a lot of conclusions about many events that she never told anyone. Rather, she used her knowledge and her studious Brown habits to stay out of various troubles and to be on everyone's good sides. Her work paid off when she was given administrative duties in the Tower library and she has earned a lot of respect from her fellow Sisters. Her love of knowlege and sharp mind have brought Eni far and continue to take her farther.

Currently, Eniara is still doing a lot of work in the library and is keeping her eye on the Tower's going ons. She is unbonded but has her eye on one of the Gaidin's trainees. She mentors Brown aspirants and guides them to be the next great Aes Sedai. Eni is ambitious but she is smart enough to not let that get out of control and so she waits...waits to see what her next big opportunity will be.

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