For Use In: None, this character was killed during the Black Ajah Hunt RP.

Name: Éowyn Bryce
Age: was novice when Kathana was Amyrlin, approximately 100
Place of Birth/Raising: Godan, on the Bay of Remara in the country of Tear

Physical Description: Eowyn is a stately looking woman more handsome than beautiful with her dark skin, eyes and long curled hair. She is tall for a Tairen, 5’7” and dresses in the Tairen style with close-fitting caps that are embroidered or sewn with pearls or jewels and heavily brocaded silks and padded satins. She has cultivated an air of mystery and arrogance.

Character History Edit

Despite her sometimes arrogant demeanor Eowyn is the only daughter of an innkeeper and a weaver. She grew up working in serving room of the inn until her father noticed her apparent interest in the male clientele when she was just 14. From that moment on she trained to be a weaver with her mother learning the intricate patterns and infinite patience of a true Tairen artist. She became deathly ill just before her 16th naming day and Mother Drennis (the local healer) packed her off to the White Tower as soon as she recognized the signs. Her first several years in the Tower were spent in rebellious denial that she could learn to channel and many of her teachers despaired her ever becoming Accepted much less attaining the Shawl despite her promise. During this time Eowyn stayed in contact with her family and Mother Drennis through long letters about how she hated the Tower and all Aes Sedai. After three years of such nonsense Mother Drennis herself appeared in the Tower petitioning the Amyrilyn for permission to trounce the girl which Kathana Sedai gave and after several hours alone with the old harridan Eowyn emerged a docile and willing Novice who quickly attained the Ring and even more quickly was accepted into the Blue Ajah. Though Mother Drennis passed away many years ago Eowyn continues to have contact with a number of ladies who are dubbed “Mother” in Tear and has an extensive network throughout the country and in Mayene as well. There are even whispers, unconfirmed by the Blues, that she has eyes and ears in Amadacia.

Eowyn was one of the most ardent supporters of Kathana for the kindness and respect shown to Mother Drennis during her visit and Karana, who in Eowyn's opinion shares all the same great characteristics, has inherited this loyalty.

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