Name: Estel Liones
Birth/Raising: Large palace in Bandar Eban, Arad Doman
Age: 17
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 60kg

Description: Estel is a tall, slender Domani, with hazel eyes and hair. Though her mother taught her how to use powders and creams to enhance her beauty, she harly needed them. She was beautiful even for a Domani. She loved horses, but her real passion was men. She enjoyed having them stare at her, enjoyed playing them like cards. Though her obsession had caused many brawls in the street, between two of her supposed lovers, her simple appearance and a few whispered words were enough to quiet it.

Character History Edit

Estel was born and raised Domani, learning to twist men around her fingers at an early age. House Liones was a wealthy house in Bandar Eban, and Estel was used to a pampered life. However, the man her mother was married to, was not Estel’s father. Estel’s father had been a man who could channel, and who, after Estel’s birth, had been captured by Aes Sedai and brought to the White Tower to be genteled.

The man whom her mother had married was a greedy man. He tried to force Estel into a marriage with a man forty years her elder, who was also a greedy man, and strict. When Estel’s father finally forced her mother to force Estel into the marriage, the Lady Liones gave her daughter money, and told her to seek sanctuary in the White Tower, so long as Estel swore not to join the Red Ajah, who she believed to have murdered her lover.

So Estel went, and rode all the way from Bandar Eban to Tar Valon. When she arrived at Tar Valon, and took the test to see if she could learn, she passed, and was entered into the Novice Books.

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