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Name: Evaline Perry

Age: 15

Nationality: Andorran

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Appearance Edit

Hair: Evaline's hair is a dirty blonde/light brown colour, somewhere between straight and wavy. It is quite unremarkeable, long enough to fall past her shoulders but she generally keeps it neatly tied back in a practical way.

Eyes: Hazel, framed with light brown lashes

Skin: On the fair side, with a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks

Height: Evaline stands at approximately 165cm tall

Voice: Feminine, Evaline is generally softly spoken.

Other: There is nothing particularly remarkable about Evaline, she tends to be the sort to blend into the crowd. She is fair, but not beautiful, with a ready smile and slightly crooked teeth.

Optional Edit

Special Skills: Thanks to her upbringing, she has some skill with needle and thread, and an ear for music. She can read and write.

Knowledge Weakness: Her knowledge is not very broad as her education was limited to that which was deemed necessary for a young lady of her station and nothing more. She knows little of the world outside her town, and less again of the opposite sex.

Physical Weakness: Evaline is a healthy girl but not particularly strong. Aside from deftness with her hands, she is rather uncoordinated.

Personality weakness: Evaline is excessively prim and proper. She blushes at the mere mention of a boy, and is very shy. She has just enough backbone to lecture any of her friends who she thinks lack decorum and other proper womanly behaviour.

Personality Edit

Evaline is generally shy and reserved, though she has a strong sense of what she believes to be right and wrong. She finds it befitting for a young, unmarried girl to engage in games of flirtation or to dress immodestly. She is unafraid to give her opinion to her friends, but has great respect for those in authority. She takes her responsibilities seriously, but is a kind, friendly girl. She smiles often and blushes easily, and would rather sit at home with a book or embroidery than find mischief or boys.

History Edit

Evaline has what most would consider a normal life. She has two loving parents, an older brother, and a younger sister. Given that her mother is a seamstress, it was natural for Evaline to follow her footsteps and become her apprentice in the small shop that fronts their lodgings. By day she assists her mother in the store, cleaning, measuring and sewing, among other things. By night she enjoyed many an evening with her family, seated comfortably by the fire with a treasured book. Her home was filled with love and laughter. They sought to live peaceably with their neighbours, though some in the town whispered that Evaline's father was over-bearing and terribly old fashioned. Evaline did not share their views. She loved her father, and wholeheartedly agreed with his notions on proper female behaviour and dress. Indeed, she did so much as to lecture her friends frequently on such topics. Boys were not to be looked at unless you had decided to marry one, and then you kept your eyes on only him. Not to mention that women should be meek and mild and submissive.

Being good natured, most of Evaline's friends tolerated her views and regular lectures, though when they grew tired of them Evaline learned it was best to take herself home and immerse herself in her own quiet pursuits. She had no aspirations of grandeur, no romantic fantasies of being swept away by a handsome hero. Her life was simple, and she was content in it. This was the role that Wheel had spun out for her, and she was happy to live it dutifully, despite it's complete lack of excitement and adventure. Indeed, she would reflect on her quiet life years later with a sense of longing for the peaceful simplicity.

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