For Use In: General purpose RPs, could be used as a Sitter.

Name: Freja Peyrodin (NSW)
Age: 250
Place of Birth/Raising: Murandy

Physical Description: Freja is of average height and is so thin that most people believe she looks unhealthy. The greenish cast of her olive skin, her deep set brown eyes, and the shadows cast by her thin frizzy dark hair add to her sickly appearance. She wears her hair loose around her face; it falls to the middle of her back, and is just getting the first hints of gray. She dresses in drab colors, mostly grays and browns, but regardless of how well-cut the dress or how expensive the fabric, they always seem to fit her like a sack. She tries to improve her appearance through a calculated use of appropriate amounts of jewelry when she feels she needs to look her best, but generally wears only her serpent ring.

Character History Edit

Freja came to the Tower at 16 years of age. Her life before that was fairly typical for a member of a Murandian merchant family. She was found selling her wares by an Aes Sedai visiting Lugard in search of Novice candidates. She did not trust the Aes Sedai, but willingly went with her in the hopes of finding a better life for herself.

She spent 9 years as a Novice and 7 years as an Accepted. She was a mediocre student during her first few years as a Novice because she was always looking for short cuts and trying to con Sedai into going easy on her. When she was caught filching treats from the kitchen during a time she was on reduced rations as a punishment, the Gray Sister who caught her decided perhaps Freja would benefit from an in-depth study of Tower law. Freja was hooked. She spent every free moment of the rest of her Novice and Accepted years studying the laws of various nations, both current and historical.

It was no surprise when Freja chose the Gray as her ajah. Her Murandian heritage is evident in her total lack of friends in other ajahs and in the length of time it takes her to trust new members of the Gray or Gray Aspirants. She is the first to see a plot behind a mask of innocence or a loophole in a treaty. Her habit of trying to con Sedai lay dormant during the later years she spent as a student, but it found a place in her life as a Sedai in convincing individuals to create new treaties and laws. In current times, she is one of the most skilled Grays in negotiation and most believe she is the Head of the Grays. She has only recently decided to accept a position as one of the Gray's Sitters, though most believe she could have had the position any time she wanted it.

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