For Use In:General purpose RPs, can be a Sitter.

Character Name: Frieda Parr (NSW)
Age: 106

Character History Edit

Frieda was born a merchant's daughter in Arad Doman. Raised with the intentions of becoming a merchant herself, Freida has all the charms and wiles of a Domani woman capable of wrapping men around her little finger. Although she was content with her future prospects as a merchant, she embraced an abrupt change in her life. At age 17, she was discovered by a traveling Aes Sedai and sent to the White Tower for training. It took her 8 years to gain the Ring, and 11 more to gain the Shawl. During that time, she attempted to run away from the Tower twice, both times being caught and punished before she reached the bridges. She chose Yellow upon her Raising because of her talent for "feeling" her patients - that is, she is a wonderful caretaker that her patients trust. Her ability for Healing is only moderate among the Yellow Sisters, but her bedside manner and ability to calm even the most frightened patients is legendary.

At age 87, Frieda was chosen by the Yellow Ajah as Sitter of the Hall. She has served in this capacity for almost 20 years now. Frieda has a very calm and sweet demeanor, very rarely ever arguing. She has a mild temperament and is exceedingly fair to all those around her, always listening to all sides of an argument before speaking. For this reason she is a favorite teacher among the Novices and Accepted.

Frieda is a typical Domani woman - tall with coppery skin. She has dark hair that curls around her shoulders and brown eyes. She is quite plump, though in a manner that most men would find pleasing.

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