Character Info Edit

Name: Gatlin Brigh Chanse

Age: 15

Nationality: Andoran

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Appearance Edit

Hair: Dark reddish/copperish hair. Gatlin keeps her long hair in a tight braid

Eyes: Emerald eyes with dark, long eyelashes

Skin: Light fair-skinned

Height: 5'10

Voice: Pleasant lilting voice. However, Gatlin speaks at a fast clip at most time

Other: Gatlin physical appearance and height is considered an anomaly at Whitebridge. She is considered one of the prettier girls around the village with her slender figure and a lovely visage

Optional Edit

Special Skills: Gatlin has received an unusual and extensive education

Knowledge Weakness: She believes that she knows alot of things due to the amount of education she has

Physical Weakness: Unused to physical exertion other than horse riding

Personality weakness: Rather stubborn and inflexible at times

Personality Edit

Gatlin is quiet and reserved as she prefers to keep her own opinions. At times, she can be demanding as she feels that the her method of doing things is the best way, and expect instant results. Patience is not her strong suit, though she tries her best to keep her temper to herself. Yet, she is a thoughtful person who thinks for others before herself. However at times, her straightforward speech, untactful words resulted in her awful habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time. She has a curious streak in finding out what others are doing, and in many occasions, she misinterprets instructions and of other's intentions. Overall, she is also a quick and fast learner, who needs one or two tries to pick the skill up.

History Edit

Life was good and pleasant for Gatlin's first 15 years, after all there were many perks being born into a wealthy merchant family that dealt in textile trading and production. She had her own horse, a goodly number of lovely clothes (of the finest quality) and her servants at home at Whitebridge, Andor. Her family was loving and closely-knitted in their own way; after all the Chanse family were still considered outsiders by most villagers even after moving into the town for 22 years.

Yet, life was mostly lonely and quiet for Gatlin at her family compound. Her father and elder brother was largely absent for months on business trips. Her lovely mother whom Gatlin adored, was kept to her rooms on most days resting due to poor health, though she tried to spend as much time as she could with her only daughter. Gatlin was also not allowed to go out of her family compound, thus she was not able to meet and make many friends, or have deep friendships. Most of the time spent at home was in solitude, pursuing 'lady-like' hobbies, in discussion with her tutor, or riding her mare for hours.

If anything, Master Chanse desired for their family to move up the social rank. They had the money, enough connections and a daughter to make an advantageous marriage. Days before Gatlin's birthday, her entire family travelled specially to Caemlyn to visit some friends of the family. Gatlin was delighted to visit Caemlyn, and to celebrate her birthday with her family and at a new place. On the third day, her family was invited by a minor noble house to a tea party. Gatlin knew of her father's intention for her, and with such an invitation, the possibilities of whom she could meet was extremely exciting. In the end, her father was furious that he was losing Gatlin to the Aes Sedai 'witch', but one could not refuse the demands of the Aes Sedai when it was explicitly stated. It later dawned upon him that having an Aes Sedai at home was as good as Gatlin marrying up. There was not much Gatlin could do about her new life ahead. She yearned for something different but leaving home and starting anew at the White Tower was totally unexpected. And so this marked a new chapter in Gatlin's life.

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