Name: Halvie Faury
Place of Birth/Raising: Unknown (Caemlyn)

Personality: Halvie is strong-willed and passionate, accepting changes as it came, but as hard as rock at times. Her temper, if provoked, is quite fiery but over the years, she has slowly mastered the art of controlling it. She possess remarkable poise and can come across as haughty at times.

Character History Edit

Having been orphaned and adopted by Lord and Lady d'Paron since young, she was always treated equal to their own daughter, Trelia. Those two shared their darkest secrets and fears, comforting and caring for each other. No one was ever aware of how Halvie was not her real sister, and her parents did not seek to change the public perspective. Among the two, Halvie was the more dominant and statuesque child.

All her life had Halvie known the luxury of a noble born, having grown up in Caemyln. Bred into her were quick wits, good reflexes, a keen awareness of the world around her, and a great respect for authority. As she grew older, this sense of respect adjusted to fit those who truly deserved it, and not just anyone with a fancy title. This was something Halvie learned all on her own.

She would often spend her days in the forest near her home, racing with the wild horses. It was the perfect life, with her future all laid out for her. Until that fateful day when Halvie's world was overturned.

It was midnight when the assassins arrived. By the time the alarm had sounded, the assasins were already storming the place, butchering all who got in their way. Corpses lined the hallway and kitchen. All were killed that night, save Trelia and herself, who lay shivering alongside each other in the hidden passage between their bedchambers.

They both quickly decided to travel to Tar Valon where they could seek help from old friend who was training to be a Warder. They were both worried that the assassins might make an attempt to come after them and left immediately.

Trelia was fatally injured along the way and Halvie vowed solemnly upon her grave that she would avenge her death and set off alone, determined to discover her family history, and fate.

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