Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 180
Age: 31
Place of Origin: A Farm North of Shiener


Rank: Tower Guard
Weapon Score: 15
Philosophy: Not Chosen Yet
Primary Weapon: Scimitar
Secondary Weapon: Quarterstaff
Tertiary Weapon:


Due to the location, Herman lives near the blight. His parents had taught him some swordsmanship, but they didn't know enough. Herman advanced past their abilities. Their abilities were something, but nothing compared to what they heard of Warders. They wanted their son to become one and continue to fight the Dark One like themselves. They saw a lot of potential in their son. Herman had agreed and traveled down to train to become a warder. When he arrived at the barracks he was 15 years old. He hates Trollocs, and sometimes spits when they are mentioned. He doesn't use foul language, his mother never allowed it. He is on the muscular side and has some fighting skills. He has one scar on his left arm, which makes it a little stiff at times. He is right handed.

Since Herman was only 15 when he first came, he still had some growing to do. After training for six years in the Warders Yard, Herman changed a lot. He lost most of his fat and gained loads of muscle. He also gained a couple of inches in height. From his training, Herman became stronger and faster. With speed being Herman's best quality, he focuses mostly on that. It is his biggest asset.

While in the Warder's Yard, Herman went through a lot of training. He advanced to a Tower Guard and chose Ren'Shai as his discipline. Ever since than he had gone through many things. His spar with his mentor, Mercury had taught him quite a few things. Going to Cairhien to save an Aes Sedai that was kidnapped by a band of rogues was very tiresome. Herman learnt many things over that trip, especially how to pay attention to ones surroundings with ones eyes closed. He especially enjoyed the dance that he had went to. Even though he didn't dance, he had lots of fun and met a lot of new people.

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