For Use In: General purpose RPs, can be a Sitter.

Name: Ismine Dorl (NSW)
Age: 159

Character History Edit

Ismine Dorl was born to wealthy merchants in Arad Doman. She entered the White Tower at the age of 19 and spent seven years as a Novice and nine as an Accepted. Her Raising was continuously delayed because of her mischevious streak, and tendency to get into trouble, yet the Sisters were determined to see her achieve the shawl because of her strong potential in the One Power.

Upon her Raising she chose the White Ajah, a surprise to everyone who thought her fiery temper was better suited to Green. However, the years seemed to calm her as well as produce one of the more powerful channelers in the Tower. Now nearly 160 years old, she is known as a studious White Sister, devoted to her studies and a quiet life in the Tower. Her one vice is a tendency to take trainees and Tower Guards into her bed - never more than one at a time, and always discretely. However, servants will gossip, and other Sisters could not help but notice the young men entering and leaving her apartments. However, since Ismine is ranked fairly high within the Tower, her activities go unquestioned. If asked about her strange habit, she merely laughs and says that she's training the young men for their future bondmates. Ismine has never taken a Warder herself, citing little need and even less desire to be tied to one person.

Ismine Sedai is short for a Domani woman, although average in height when compared to other Sisters. She has dark hair that tumbles down her back in waves, with the first streakes of gray showing at her temples. She has olive skin, brown eyes, ane moves with a grace typical of the Domani. She is not beautiful, but her charms combined with her ageless features seem to make men forget this.

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