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Character Name: Ismitta or "Isma"
Handle: Arie Ronshar
Division: Freelanders
Guild: Aiel
Society: Far Dareis Mai
Weapons of Choice: Spear
Clan: Dragonmount
Place of Birth/Raising: A Goshein Aiel of the Red Water Sept
Physical Description: Auburn blonde hair that waved like rolling sands, she has deep, dark skin, and grey-blue eyes. There is a continuous spark of mischief in her eyes and a smirk on her lips.
Personality: A typical Maiden, her humour is often founded at a man's expense. Over protective and a little (a lot actually) overbearing, her bold personality often makes those of weaker minds cower or step back. Her stares and purrs could mean anything until her spear is piercing your throat. Only then you will know if you made a mistake. She has served and gained more 'Toh than most Maiden. She will never make a bridal wreath, on her waking, but still engages in the more natural sides of a relationship. Oh, and Ismitta is shameless.

Character History

A Goshein Aiel of the Red Water Sept, Ismitta was what an Aiel may define as 'Special'. Father a Hama N'dore and her mother a former maiden, their tent and roof was often filled with humor and pranks. But as one prank would often lead to anouther, at the tender age of 16, the Maiden found herself a Gai'shain in the Dragonmount Clan. Humility served her well, but not before she had attracted the tender heart of the Maiden Talbitha. After her servitude had been completed Ismitta announced that she was no longer a Goshein but a Dragonmount Aiel. Picking up her spear, she entered the Maiden tents as if they were her own. Skilled with the spear and and a sharp tongue she was welcomed into the fold. Talbitha had asked her once for them to be bonded as blood-sisters, agreeing on one condition. Should either of them make a bridal wreath than they were to do a task of the other's choosing. Be it her, that task were to enter the blight and bring back the head of a soulless.